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Crossbones Yard

Crossbones Yard - Kate Rhodes

I had downloaded Crossbones Yard a while ago but had never got around to reading it so was pleased when it was picked for the months book club read.
I have to say that I really enjoyed it and read it very quickly.
Alice, like a lot of leading characters has a past, the novel opens with events from her childhood. She seems to handle it better than other members of her family, especially her brother.
She isn't in the police but becomes part of the investigation as a psychologist after she finds a body whilst out on a run. The police fear that it is a copycat killing so ask her to become involved with interviewing people who were involved in the original murders.
I did guess who the culprit was fairly early on but still enjoyed reading the novel. I will definitely be reading the other two that have been published and I won't be waiting as long to read them.