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The Girl on the Train

Dziewczyna z pociągu - Paula Hawkins

I have read and heard a lot about The Girl on the Train during the last six months. I don't always take notice of publicity hype but some of the bloggers who were doing the shouting about this one were people who I have respect for, so I read as soon as I could.
It's good, very good. One of those books which you don't want to put down.
I did guess at what the outcome of the story was going to be about two thirds in but there were a few extra twists that I hadn't seen. I wasn't sure what to feel about Rachel, I did have some sympathy for her but didn't really warm to her that much. However she was probably the only one in the novel who had any sense of decency.
I expect to see this novel on public transport quite a lot next year. Definitely a book to read on a train journey.
Thank you to the publisher and the author for the copy via netgalley.