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No Other Darkness

No Other Darkness: A Detective Inspector Marnie Rome Mystery - Sarah Hilary

I read often that authors feel apprehensive about releasing a second novel, especially when their debut is such a success. I don't know if Sarah Hilary is one of these, but if she is she needn't worry.
In No Such Darkness Marnie and her team of detectives are assigned a cold case, that of two young boys who are found buried in a bunker. The team understandably are distressed by the case and are intent on finding out the truth.
New pieces of evidence come thick and fast, each time tricking me into thinking I had the case solved but each time I was mistaken.
Along with the investigation we get to find out more about Marnie and Noah. Details of their childhood and family relationships are revealed along with their lives outside of work.
I would suggest that you read the books in order but very little is revealed in this brilliant second novel. An outstanding book by an author who I'm sure will be very successful.

Thanks to the author and the publishers for the proof copy sent.
Due to be published in April 2015.