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Death in the Rainy Season

Death in the Rainy Season - Anna Jaquiery

The Lying Down Room was one of my favourite books of 2014 so I was really pleased when I received the follow up book to review.
Serge Morel is on holiday in Cambodia when a fellow countryman is found murdered in a hotel room. He is told to cut his holiday short and solve the murder as quickly as possible, with the victim being related to his employer.
He struggles, policing methods are very different in Cambodia than in Paris and he feels that he isn't being told everything by Savit, the policeman who is his contact in Cambodia.
Serge comes across as a loner. Parts of the novel show him trying to build a good relationship with his mother's surviving family. I'm hoping that more about his family are revealed in future novels.

When I read any novel I like to know something about where it takes place. I know nothing at all about Cambodia but it didn't matter. Anna Jaquiery describes it for me perfectly.

Thanks to the publisher for sending the novel for review.