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The Truth Will Out

The Truth Will Out - Jane Isaac

For those who love a detective series, the books featuring DCI Helen Lavery are highly recommended. The opening chapter is quite scary, Eva witnesses an attack on a friend and has to flee in fear of her own life. With no idea if her friend is safe and not knowing who her to trust she is very isolated.
Helen is very likeable, strong character. Single parent to two teenage boys and forced to work with an ex partner who she once trusted she is determined to find Eva and solve the case.
It's good to read about Helen's home life as well as her professional one. Guilt over not being able to be there more, dependency on a parent in helping raise her family and still missing her husband.
I'm glad that I have read these books in order, nothing is revealed about the previous case but I always feel it's better when reading about family life.
I have very much enjoyed both books so far in this series and I hope that there is another one soon.