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Dead Gone

DEAD GONE - Jonathan Keeble, Luca Veste

I have had Dead Gone sat on my bookshelf for a while now and after seeing so many good reviews for the follow up I decided I needed to read it as soon as possible. It doesn't disappoint. Being set in one of my favourite cities in the UK, Liverpool, was a definite plus point. I always enjoy reading book when I know the area involved.
The detective duo Murphy and Rossi make a good pairing. Murphy, the cop with the (very) tragic past and Rossi the Italian graduate are both very likeable and I hope that we see plenty of this partnership in future novels.
They are investigating a series of increasingly violent murders. Throughout the novel, we have flashbacks to the tragedy in Murphy's past and also narrative from a young women who is abducted at the start.
I thought I had guessed the killer, but like all good crime novels there was a twist.
I won't be leaving it very long before I read the second book in what I hope is a long series.