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Follow The Leader

Follow The Leader (A DS Allie Shenton Novel) - Mel Sherratt

Having loved the first Allie Shenton novel, Taunting The Dead I was pleased that there is a follow up.
Very different from the first, straight away we know who the killer was. Some don't like this but I found that it worked very well. The story jumps back and forward in time. From the constant torment in the killers home life, along with the years of bullying at school. Again this worked well and was easy to follow.
Through out the novel there is a nursery rhyme/ children's song repeated that I found myself singing all day long. Very much suspect that I wasn't the only one
As with the first novel we learn more about Allie's family life and the guilt she feels over what happened to her sister Karen. Hints are dropped again and I very much hope that this means there will be further books in the series.
Thanks to the author and the publisher for the copy via Netgalley.