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Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line  - Kerry  Wilkinson

I always enjoy reading a novel set somewhere I know, in this case Manchester.
Crossing the Line is the eighth in the series, but also being advertised as the first of the second season.
I haven't read all of the books featuring Jessica and her team but it didn't stop me enjoying the book, some of the characters I was familiar with and I didn't struggle with the ones I had never read about previously
There are a few investigations taking place in the novel. A series of vicious attacks on people, a missing person and a cold case all make up for an exciting read.
Part of the novel was about Jessica's personal life and this was really the only part of the book that I felt I would have liked more if I had read all of the books. There were no spoilers but I would have appreciated these sections more if I knew what had happened earlier.
I'm glad that the humour that was in the first few books is still present. I was laughing a few times, especially at the start of the novel regarding MPs.
Like with so many other books now there is a cliff hanger ending. It was one that I hadn't expected at all so I am really looking forward to reading book nine. I will also be reading the books I haven't read soon.
Thanks to the publisher for the proof copy sent.