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The Crime at Black Dudley

The Crime at Black Dudley - Margery Allingham

This is the first book I have read by Margery Allingham and is the book where her character Albert Campion was introduced.
At times I thought that the writing was a little stilted and I didn't care for the romantic storyline very much.
Originally written 85 years ago I felt that I was being told if you were 'a foreigner' you were not to be trusted but I expect that this was the feeling at this period in time. Women were definitely regarded as the weaker sex and had to be protected.
I did enjoy the storyline, I thought the description of the house with all its hidden passages came across very well.
I would be interested in reading more of the Albert Campion series, I like to see how characters develop and also would like to see if characters who feature in this novel do in the others.