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Captain Hawk

Captain Hawk (Hawk's Legacy Series Book 1) - SJ Garland

I enjoy historical fiction so was looking forward to reading this novel that takes place in Singapore in 1823.
Nathaniel Hawk has reluctantly travelled to Singapore to spend Christmas with his father. He would much rather be in the gambling dens in London rather than in the Singapore heat. He doesn't share his father's enthusiasm for life at sea but has no choice when tragedy occurs.
Murder, piracy and romance all feature throughout the novel but for me the romantic aspect didn't work. I didn't really care for any of the female characters. However the descriptions of live in Singapore, alongside the main story of live out at sea with the terror facing the 'ghost ship was very good.
The ending felt a little abrupt but the sequel is due in Nov 2015. With thanks to THE book club on Facebook for the copy received.