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The Disciple

The Disciple - Steven Dunne

Another great book in the series that features Damon Brook and John Noble. I would advice reading The Reaper before reading this second book, whilst some books in a series could be read as standalones, the books are very closely linked.
There are two stories in this novel. One which follows a case in America where a pair of serial killers are themselves killed. The other is again set in Derby and to a lesser degree in Brighton. Two detectives from Brighton travel up to Derby to interview Brook who is a suspect in a murder there. They then become involved in a new murder investigation where the main suspect is a man who is himself dead.
I really enjoyed this second book. Brook's people skills haven't improved and he manages to alienate most who he deals with.
I did prefer the part of the novel that took place in Derby, mainly I think due to the relationship between Brook and Noble. Very gruesome and with a jaw dropping cliffhanger I will be reading the third book Deity very soon.