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On Track for Murder

On Track for Murder - Stephen Childs

Whilst On Track for Murder was not really like I expected it to be I still found it enjoyable to read. I thought it would be a little sinister but instead I found myself reading a novel that combined crime, history and a big dash of romance.
I though the plot was different and after an initial surprise it went much the way I thought it would. I liked the main characters although I did find them unrealistic. I couldn't imagine many women being like Abigail in the late 19th century.
I found the historical part of the novel to be the most interesting aspect, I liked reading about Perth and the railroad. I did cringe at times over the way that Bertrand was described but I should imagine that was the how his condition was seen at the time.
One of the criminals was really sinister and I could understand why Abigail felt the way she did about him from his first appearance.
On the whole I liked it and will keep a lookout for the author in the future.
With thanks to Kate for the copy received for review.