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River Road

River Road - Carol Goodman


Struggling since the death of her daughter and the collapse of her marriage Nan has concentrated on the only thing she has left, her career at the local university. She has a good relationship with her students and the staff. When they turn against her after the accident she is devastated. She is adamant that it was a deer she had hit and not Leia but starts to question her own innocence after remarks made about her drinking. But is not just her who suspicion falls on and when a series of sinister and upsetting events occur she is determined to get answers.
I did guess at who the culprit was but this did not stop me enjoying the novel. It is much more than a whodunnit. It's also about bereavement, addiction, control and learning to trust. I liked the style of writing very much. At times its claustrophobic, possibly due to the snow but also the isolation, paranoia and level of intimidation that Nan experienced.
A well written, very atmospheric introduction to Carol Goodman who I had heard of but never read before.
Thanks to Titan Books for the copy received for review.