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Bone by Bone

Bone by Bone - Sanjida Kay

It is a long time since I read a full book in one day but this novel was impossible to put down for long. I think the reason was due to the subject matter, bullying.
It is told by both mother and daughters point of view. Autumn was trying her hardest to keep things from Laura but was understandably struggling. She didn't agree with the way that Laura was dealing with it, feeling that it made it worse for her. Laura knew that she had made a big mistake but guilt and fear made it difficult for her to ask anybody close to her for help.,Levi did have his problems, these became more evident towards the end but it wasn't just him doing the bullying. Other children and their parents were just as cruel. Laura was also being bullied although in a different way to Autumn. Her bully was ensuring that she would be isolated and helpless in every way.
I found it at times to be really intimidating. Laura and Autumn shouldn't have had to go through what they did, but sadly it happens and the author has done a fantastic job of highlighting the situation that some families must be going through.

With thanks to the Corvus for the copy received.