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The Passenger

The Passenger - Lisa Lutz

I had been aware of Lisa Lutz for a while but this is the first of her books that I have read. It definitely won't be the last, I really enjoyed reading this novel. Tanya is the first name that we know the main character by. She goes on the run when her husband dies suddenly. Not because she is responsible for his death but she knows that her true identity could be revealed.
She starts to make her way around the country, adopting different identities on her journey. She gets close to some on her way, Blue, Domenic and Andrew to name just a few. One of my favourite parts of the novel was when she built her friendship with Andrew and his family and I was sorry that she had to leave them.
The book is divided into sections and features her life under each identity. At the end of each chapter, emails are shown between her and Ryan, its unclear who he is you just know that he was involved in what ever happened to make her go on the run. When it was revealed what actually happened it want what I expected but there were still a few surprises to come.
It was a fun book to read, very fast paced, at times humorous and there was always a sense of danger. Most people seemed to sympathise with her but I was really unsure what to think of Blue. She was definitely a threat at times,but I like to think that in her mind she was doing the right thing. Even if her way was slightly unconventional.

With thanks to Titan Books for the copy received.