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I love and have always loved reading. I usually read one at once but at times I will read two. I have a book end which states 'Caution! Bookworms bite when disturbed.

The Little Camera - L.K. Jay

This is the 1st book I have read by L. K. Jay and it will most definitely not be the last! Set in present day Leeds and a very dangerous 1930/40 s Europe it was very difficult to put down. Two boys struggling to survive in very different circumstances 70+years apart.
The characters, a boy on the brink of a criminal life and an elderly man strike up a friendship, after overcoming initial distrust and wariness.
I have read a bit about life in Eastern Europe during the war and it never fails to affect me. This book is no different, I was close to tears a couple of times during Mr Jedras's story. I see from other reviews that this is described as YA fiction, but I think that any age could read this book and take something from it.