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I love and have always loved reading. I usually read one at once but at times I will read two. I have a book end which states 'Caution! Bookworms bite when disturbed.

So It Is - Liam Murray Bell

I downloaded this after seeing a review on a social networking site and I am so glad that I did. It was the first book that I have read about the troubles, all I knew in the past is what I had seen on or in the news. All the characters in the novel, especially Aiofe and Cassie felt very real. I really felt for Aiofe, reading about her family trauma on top of the usual teenage angst. I didn't feel the same about Cassie at first, but by the time the second part of the novel started you realise why she was doing what she did.
I hope that this is made into a film, it would make a change to the stuff that is currently churned out and also that there is more by Liam Murray Bell soon.