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I love and have always loved reading. I usually read one at once but at times I will read two. I have a book end which states 'Caution! Bookworms bite when disturbed.

This Dark Road to Mercy - Wiley Cash
This is the first book I have read by Wiley Cash and I very much enjoyed it. 
Quite dark, and sad it tells the story of two young sisters who are taken by their father.  All of the adult characters in the book were scarred by events that had happened in their past and these events contributed to their roles in the story. I wanted to hate Wade for what he was doing but  I think, in his eyes and mind he was doing the right thing.
I loved the parts of the story that was told by Easter, they reminded me at times of Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird.
This book left me wanting to read more by Wiley Cash but I still don't understand baseball.