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The Convictions of John Delahunt

The Convictions of John Delahunt - Andrew   Hughes
Andrew Hughes has done a wonderful job bringing 1840s Dublin to life. The lead character John Delahunt is a penniless student who initially feels uncomfortable at becoming an informer. When he realises how much money he can earn however, things become much more sinister.
Always told in the first person the story switches between the time in the cell awaiting execution and the events that led to him being there.
The pace of the story never alters, for such a chilling novel it was very quick to read. It contained everything - corruption, poverty, greed, violence but also some quite dark, sly humour. 
After I read this novel I was left wanting to know more about John Delahunt, life in Dublin at the time, and The Repeal Association.
Thanks to Elizabeth Masters for sending me a copy of this novel.