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The Crimson Ribbon

The Crimson Ribbon - Katherine Clements

A debut novel, The Crimson Ribbon was the first I have read that is set during the 17th century. The story is told by Ruth a young girl who witnesses a devastating event and runs away to London in fear of her life. There she meets with Elizabeth Poole but her troubles are not over as her past follows her. It is a dangerous time. Not only is there the conflict with the Civil War but also witchcraft allegations that were common at the time. One of the more    disturbing parts of the book for me was Joseph's guilt over the events after the battle of Naseby. The last quarter of the book was gripping and convincingly terrifying. 

I liked this, know little about the Civil War but found myself wanting to know more. I have read some novels about witchcraft but not in that area or time. Since I finished it, I have been looking into events at this turbulent time and would definitely be reading more about in the future especially if it is written by Katherine Clements.
Thanks to the publisher and the author for the copy via NetGalley.