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Death Can't Take a Joke

Death Can't Take a Joke (A Kiszka & Kershaw Mystery) - Anya Lipska
I loved every minute of this new novel featuring Kershaw and Kiszka. It has everything, violence, dry humour and it is full of twists, none of which I guessed at.
We got to know the recurring characters a lot more in this book, I love Oskar, he had me laughing in most of the scenes he featured in. I  think the  relationship between Kershaw and Kiszka works very well and hope there are more novels involving them.
I really enjoy reading novels that feature other countries. I like learning the history and culture of a country that I know very little about, and hearing about the different foods is an added bonus.
I have read the previous novel, 'Where the Devil Can't Go, but if you do read them out of sequence there are no spoilers.
Very much looking forward to more by Anya Lipska.
thanks to to the publisher and the author for the copy via NetGalley