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I love and have always loved reading. I usually read one at once but at times I will read two. I have a book end which states 'Caution! Bookworms bite when disturbed.


Wolf: Jack Caffery 7 (The Jack Caffery Novels) - Mo Hayder
Wolf is one of the scariest books I have read. Part of the Jack Caffery series but this one focuses more on the victims, a family who are being held hostage in their own home. I thought I had solved it but there were events that I didn't see coming, this book is definitely one that has it's twists. 
It's the third I've read by Mo Hayder and my favourite so far. One of the reasons I like her is that even though I've not read all the series there are no spoilers so you can go back and read the earlier books. With the twist at the end of the book I hope it's not a long wait for book eight. 
Thank you to the publisher and the author for the copy via NetGalley.