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I love and have always loved reading. I usually read one at once but at times I will read two. I have a book end which states 'Caution! Bookworms bite when disturbed.

The House We Grew Up In

The House We Grew Up In - Lisa Jewell
I have never read any books by Lisa Jewell before and was told that I should start with this one. A brilliant, at times devastatingly sad story that describes the 30 years of a family changing and coping with loss. 
Lorelei loves Easter and every year family and friends all take part in an Easter Egg hunt, but one year tragedy occurs and things change forever. I loved Lorelei, her part of the novel, told mainly by email was very sad. She wants to move on but finds it hard. 
No twists in the novel, just a tale of how the different members of the Bird family try to move on in their lives. They make mistakes but they try to live with them. 
After reading this I will definitely read more by this author.