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Carnal Acts

Carnal Acts - Sam Alexander
Carnal Acts is a fast paced novel set in the North East of England. Very dark, descriptive and incredibly violent. The opening chapter pulls you in forcefully and the pace of the novel doesn't falter. 
Alongside the policing, we also the get to know the victims, witnesses and criminals. I liked reading about what made Suzana who she was and how it helped her cope with what happened to her. Parts of the novel was upsetting, one of the events that occurred I hadn't expected to see.
I'm hoping there will be a sequel. I think the relationship between all  the officers was an interesting one. Some were likeable, some weren't but the way it was written made it a believable environment.
Sam Alexander is a pseudonym for an acclaimed British Crime writer . I have no ideas left of who it could be. All will be revealed when he or she is correctly identified.
Massive thanks to Arcadia Books for sending me an advance copy of this wonderful novel that is published on the 15th June 2014.