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A Dark and Twisted Tide

A Dark and Twisted Tide - Sharon Bolton

I just love the Lacey Flint series by Sharon Bolton. A Dark and Twisted Tide doesn't disappoint at all. Just as gripping, scary and creepy as the previous in the series. All the characters we have got to know are here, some in a lesser degree, some quite a bit more than previously.
Lacey has a different role in this novel, working for the river police. Unfortunately for her it isn't as quiet as she expected, almost immediately the first body is found and Lacey is caught up in the middle of it.
I thought I had solved it but there were a few big twists towards the end.
Some don't bother about reading books in order but I think this is one series that you need to. Nothing is given away but the books mean so much more when you know what made Lacey the person she is.
I heard that the next novel is a stand alone but I really hope that Lacey and the others return again soon.


Thanks to the publisher and the author  for the copy via net galley.