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Elizabeth is Missing

Elizabeth is Missing - Emma  Healey

Elizabeth is Missing is a beautifully written novel about dementia combined with a mystery involving the lead characters missing sister.
Maude is in her 80s. Widowed with a daughter, a son who she rarely sees and a teenage grand- daughter. She is also a dementia sufferer who is angered when her claims that a close friend, Elizabeth, is missing are ignored by everybody around her.
The modern day tale is told at the same time as a tale from the 1940s when Maude and her family are trying to find Sukey who has disappeared.
I thought this was brilliantly constructed . The two different stories overlapped throughout out the book. Maude would be trying her hardest to find clues about Elizabeth and then we would have a flashback to when she was trying to do the same with Sukey.
I loved the way the characters were portrayed, felt Helen's helplessness over trying to help her mother and just loved Katy.
Have seen mixed reviews over the ending, I liked the way it was done. There was closure over some of tale but the dementia would be ongoing.

Thanks to the publisher and the author for the copy via NetGalley.