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The Miniaturist

The Miniaturist - Jessie Burton

The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton is a beautifully written story about Nella set in Amsterdam in the 1680s.
She marries Johannes after her father dies leaving her family with no money.
Moving into the family home she struggles initially with Marin, her sister-in law who doesn't want her there, and Cornelia her servant who doesn't behave like she expects a servant to behave.
When she receives a gift from her husband of a miniature version of their home she makes contact with 'The Miniaturist' who sends her furniture and more spookily, models of the family to fill the home with.
I enjoyed this novel very much. I felt for Nella, Johannes, Marin and the servants when greed, power and jealousy started to destroy everything they knew. I was fascinated by The Miniaturist and wanted to know more.
After reading the novel I went onto Jessie Burton's website, the photos are stunning. Would love to retrace Nella's steps one day.
Thanks to the publisher and the author for the copy via NetGalley.