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See You Tomorrow

See You Tomorrow - Tore Renberg

See You Tomorrow by Tore Renberg is a brilliantly written fast paced novel about a group of people whose lives collide over three days. Very dark, and quite violent at times but it was very easy to read. Each short chapter was dedicated to one person so you could see their version over events that were happening. I didn't really care for most of the characters. Malene was the nicest teenager by a long way although I did have quite a bit of sympathy for Sandra. Pål was the nicest out a very nasty bunch of adults.
The ending did seem a little abrupt but I have learned since I finished it that a sequel is planned.
In the final third of the book I felt like I was reading a script for a future Coen Brothers movie and for me this would be perfect. A great book that with the right people would be a fantastic film.
I read the hardback version of the novel, and it is a beautiful looking book with it's red sprayed page edges. It is definitely one that I will keep and read again.

A big Thank You to Arcadia Books for sending me this novel to read.